Customizing EnergyHub Solver

Currently we support calling GLPK, CPlex and Gurobi solvers. GLPK is freely available through our platform however if you have a licence to use CPlex or Gurobi you can configre those using the following methods.

You can set the linear solver for the EnergyHub by setting the solver_settings. GLPK is the default solver therefore, if you can call glpsol from the terminal you don’t need to setup anything and it will call the GLPK solver.

For example:

from pyehub.energy_hub.ehub_model import EHubModel
from pyehub.energy_hub.utils import constraint
from pyehub.outputter import pretty_print
excel_file = './examples/EnergyHub/test_file.xlsx' # name of the excel file.
my_model = EHubModel(excel=excel_file) # instantiate our model. Nothing is solved at this point.
results = my_model.solve(solver_settings=solver_settings) # set your solver_settings
pretty_print(results) # print the results to the console

You can configure GLPK with different options or a different path using the following example.

                'name': 'glpk',
                'options': ['--mipgap', '0.05'],

To set Gurobi use:

                'name': 'gurobi',

To set CPlex use:

solver_settings={'name': 'cplex',}


solver_path and options will work for cplex and gurobi based on the command line documentation which can be found here for Gurobi and here for CPlex.