API Reference


config defines various constants and defaults used in the other files.

eppy_funcs contains miscellaneous functions used to interact with the eppy package. - Initialises idf objects - Window adjustment helper functions - Variable name conversions

errors contains custom errors that Besos can throw.

evaluator contains tools that convert parameters and their values into measurements of the properties of the building they represent.

objectives defines the classes used to measure the building simulation and to generate output values.

optimizer provides wrappers for the platypus and rbf_opt optimisation packages - Performs the conversion between our Problem type and platypus’ Problem type automatically. - Converts Pandas DataFrames to populations of platypus Solutions - Supports NSGAII, EpsMOEA, GDE3, SPEA2 and and other algorithms - Supports rbf_opt

parameters contains different classes used to represent the attributes of the building that can be varied, such as the thickness of the insulation, or the window to wall ratio. These parameters are separate from the value that they take on during any evaluation of the model.

problem defines classes used to bundle the parameters, objectives and constraints, and to manage operations that involve all of them at once, such as converting data related to the problem to a DataFrame.

pyehub_funcs provides helper functions for interacting with PyEHub.

sampling includes functions used in selecting values for parameters in order to have good coverage of the solution space.

besostypes consists of type definitions used for Besos’ type hints.

besos_utils consists of helper functions to be used throughout codebase

Supporting Files

In most cases, these files will not need to be imported by users.

dask_utils contains dask related helper functions.

errors defines error classes used by this module.

IDF_class Enables some geomeppy based functionality on idf objects.

IO_Objects defines some abstract superclasses that are used for the objects that handle input and output of evaluators (Parameters/Objectives/Descriptors/etc).