Working with different versions of EnergyPlus

Since besos is using the absolute path, if you are running besos on your computer, make sure you install the EnergyPlus under:

Windows: C:/EnergyPlusV{version}

Linux: /usr/local/EnergyPlus-{version}

Mac: /Applications/EnergyPlus-{version}

or specify in evaluators the EnergyPlus path in ‘ep_path’ argument

from besos import eppy_funcs as ef
from besos.evaluator import EvaluatorEP
from besos.parameters import FieldSelector, Parameter
from besos.problem import EPProblem
from besos.eplus_funcs import get_idf_version

import config

The version of EnergyPlus to run is determined on the version of idf that is passed in. In this case, the default building is version 9-0-1.

building = ef.get_building(mode="idf")

We now add parameters and objectives to building

parameters = [
        FieldSelector(object_name="Mass NonRes Wall Insulation", field_name="Thickness")

objectives = ["Electricity:Facility", "Gas:Facility"]
problem = EPProblem(parameters, objectives)

We can also set the version of energyplus that we want to use for simulation by passing the version parameter to the EvaluatorEP.

The program will show a warning if the version in the building file doesn’t match the input version.

evaluator = EvaluatorEP(problem, building)
result = evaluator([0.5])  # run the evaluator with wall insulation thickness set to 0.5m
values = dict(zip(objectives, result))
for key, value in values.items():
    print(key, " :: ", "{0:.2f}".format(value / 3.6e6), "kWh")
Electricity:Facility  ::  505.20 kWh
Gas:Facility  ::  603.35 kWh