Template and interface classes that handle evaluator inputs and outputs.

class IO_Objects.AnyValue(name='')[source]

A Descriptor that can take on any possible value. Intended to be used as a placeholder.


This is a placeholder descriptor. Therefore, sampling is not possible.

validate(value) → bool[source]

All values are accepted by this Descriptor, so validate always returns True

Parameters:value – The value to validate
class IO_Objects.Descriptor(name='')[source]

Base class for descriptors.

Descriptors describe a set of possible values for a single input. They are used in Parameters to specify the possible input space.


Takes a value in the range 0-1 and returns a valid value for this parameter

validate(value) → bool[source]

Checks if value is a valid value for this Descriptor.

Parameters:value – The value to check.
Returns:True if the value is valid False otherwise
class IO_Objects.DummySelector[source]

A selector that does not modify the building. Intended to be used as a placeholder.


Getting the value of this placeholder is not possible.

This function will raise a NotImplementedError.

set(building, value)[source]

This placeholder will not do anything with the given value.

class IO_Objects.IOBase(name='')[source]

Base class for inputs, objectives and constraints.

name is used for generating DataFrame column titles.

Returns:True if this object is using its default name, false otherwise
class IO_Objects.Objective(name='')[source]

Base class for objectives.

class IO_Objects.ReprMixin[source]

Adds a useful string representation to subclasses

class IO_Objects.Selector[source]

Base Class for Selectors, which describe what attribute of the model is read or modified


Get the current value of this attribute of the building

set(building, value)[source]

Modifies building, setting the attribute this selector corresponds to to value

  • building – the building to modify.
  • value – the value to set this selector’s attribute to.

setup(building) → None[source]

Modifies the building so that it is ready for this selector