Morris Screening

In this notebook we apply the popular Morris screening method to a building design problem. We determine the sensitivty of the objective (electricty use) to each of the design parameters.

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
from besos import eppy_funcs as ef, sampling
from besos.evaluator import EvaluatorEP
from besos.problem import EPProblem

from SALib.analyze import morris as manalysis
from SALib.sample import morris as msampling
from parameter_sets import parameter_set

Build an EnergyPlus Evaluator

parameters = parameter_set(7)  # use a pre-defined parameter set
problem = EPProblem(parameters, ["Electricity:Facility"])
building = ef.get_building()  # use the example building
evaluator = EvaluatorEP(problem, building)
inputs = sampling.dist_sampler(
    sampling.lhs, problem, 50
)  # get 50 samples of the input space

Conduct a Morris screening of the parameters

The following cells conduct a Morris screening, a global sensitivity method. It uses \(r\) times \(n\) one-at-time changes (OAT) of each parameter at randomly selected points. The resulting distribution of \(r\) samples provides a mean \(\mu^*\), and a standard deviation \(\sigma\) of the elementary effects of the \(i\)-th input parameter. [1] [2] [3]

names = [parameters[i].name for i in range(len(parameters))]
bounds = [
    [parameters[i].value_descriptor.min, parameters[i].value_descriptor.max]
    for i in range(len(parameters))

problem = {"num_vars": len(parameters), "names": names, "bounds": bounds}

X = np.round(msampling.sample(problem, N=5), decimals=3)
inputs = pd.DataFrame(data=X, columns=names)
outputs = evaluator.df_apply(inputs)

Y = outputs.values
Si = manalysis.analyze(
    problem, X, Y, conf_level=0.95, print_to_console=True, num_levels=4
pd.DataFrame(data=Si["mu_star"], index=Si["names"]).sort_values(by=0)
/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/ DeprecationWarning: Call to deprecated function (or staticmethod) name. (Parameters are no longer nameable. Use the name(s) of this Parameter's Descriptor(s) instead)
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HBox(children=(FloatProgress(value=0.0, description='Executing', max=40.0, style=ProgressStyle(description_wid…
Parameter                         Mu_Star         Mu    Mu_Star_Conf      Sigma
Conductivity                   55103409.346 55103409.346    17985359.435 23420822.132
Thickness                      8762429.111 -3179210.608     4804181.550 10952322.351
U-Factor                       6110674.908 -331459.167     2859462.946 7850274.354
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient    53260108.201 53260108.201     2573641.747 3537803.028
ElectricEquipment              319724112.495 319724112.495     1720440.632 2261602.448
Lights                         308868949.080 308868949.080     4702142.104 6145866.519
Window to Wall Ratio                0.000      0.000           0.000      0.000
Window to Wall Ratio 0.000000e+00
U-Factor 6.110675e+06
Thickness 8.762429e+06
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 5.326011e+07
Conductivity 5.510341e+07
Lights 3.088689e+08
ElectricEquipment 3.197241e+08